ENODIA Press | Key of Necromancy Vol. II

The Key of Necromancy
Vol. II


The Key of Necromancy
Vol. II

A5 Format
Cloth-Bound Hardcover
190 Pages

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The second volume of the Key of Necromancy is a great example of the richness within the Faustian Tradition. Its magical experiments, mystifying pentacles and circles of conjuration continue to inspire and fill with awe those who come across them. This volume contains the final part of two important, previously untranslated, German books, the Nigromantisches Kunst-Buch and Der Schlüssel von dem Zwange der Hölle whose first part was published in the first tome.


Among its contents one can find the famous knife and conjuration of the spirit Waran, the Art Nerony, a discourse dealing with the subject of finding mines and protecting them against other miners as well as an interesting addition to the literature on the Olympic Spirits, among many other subjects.

This volume will also be of interest to those keen to the study of Reginald Scot's Discovery of Witchcraft for it contains three experiments related to it and might shed some light on their common sources.