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The Key of Necromancy
Vol. I


The Key of Necromancy
Vol. I

A5 Format
Cloth-Bound Hardcover
198 Pages

Limited to 500 copies.

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Some say that this tome is the proto-Goetia, others that this is the true grimoire of Johannes Faust. One thing is undeniable: it stands at the crossroads between the Solomonic and Faustian tradition, an ancient and a nascent one.


The Key of Necromancy is a two-volume project based mainly in the Nigromantisches Kunst-Buch but also compiles text from other sources to make it more complete. The first tome comprises the main ritual of the text where the main technique is the imprisonment of spirits in bottles, the use of the Triangle of Art and the Liber Spirituum. Its spirit catalogue is in some ways unique to the Faustian tradition while at the same time shows how deep it is rooted in earlier magical traditions from medieval Germany to the magic of the Arabians.

It also contains an introduction which deals with the analysis of the alchemical substratum of the Faustian grimoires and the nature of their spirits and two appendices dealing with the mysterious Martagon of Solomon and the Bond, Imprisonment of Spirits and the Triangle of Art as they relate to the present text.