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Praxis Magica Faustiana

praxis magica faustiana

Praxis Magica Faustiana

A5 Format
Cloth-Bound Hardcover
14 Full-Color Plates
62 Pages

Limited to 150 copies.

67 USD plus postage.

North America
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Enodia Press is proud to present one of the most mysterious and fascinating examples of Faustian literature in an extremely limited deluxe edition. Its curious images have invited the speculation and interest of many notable people.

praxis magica faustiana

The Praxis Magica Faustiana consists in 14 lithographs which date to the mid-19th century. These were faithfully copied from an earlier manuscript of the same name attributed to Dr. Johannes Faust. In this book is included a conjuration to Paymon, an appeal to Lucifer and the character of Mephistopheles. In this edition the reader will find an accurate translation of the contents, unlike earlier editions, a well-researched analysis of the contents and one of the cyphered conjurations decoded.

praxis magica faustiana

This book is a classic of the grimoire genre. It is both suited for the collector's library as an exquisite example of Faustian aesthetics, as well as for the occult researchers interested in German magic.